Videogame Hardware Handbook Vol 1 & 2

Over thirty years of videogame history told through the machines that made it all possible. Join us as we go under the hood of the Atari 2600, the Sega Dreamcast and everything in between in this enormous guide to the industry’s true classics. From classic computers to vintage consoles and retro handhelds, this 256 page guide has it all.
– The Games Machine Collector’s Manual covering consoles, computers and handhelds from 1977 to 1999.
– We inspect many of the greatest games machines ever made, retelling their fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and detailing the best games you should look out for.

Featuring the top ten games for:

  • – Atari 2600
  • – Nintendo Game Boy
  • – Sega Saturn
  • – Neo Geo Pocket
  • – Vectrex and many more!

Back by popular demand, this second volume of the Videogames Hardware Handbook presents everything you need to know about even more classic videogame machines, from the most important to the most obscure. 260 pages of history’s greatest videogame hardware.
Classic Computers

  • – Amstrad PCW
  • – Apple II
  • – Atari 800 XL

Vintage Consoles

  • – Playstation
  • – Neo Geo
  • – Famicon Disk System

Retro Handhelds

  • – PC Engine GT
  • – Sega Nomad
  • – Gamate

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